Our First Ever Amazon Prime Sweet Surprise Delivery

Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Delivery

We tried the Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Delivery Service and we were not disappointed!

We unboxed our very first Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box and it was pretty awesome!

To start, you need a Prime Surprise Sweets dash button like this…

Surprise Sweets 5 Jan 2017

The best thing about this button is that, unlike other subscription services, you can get a new box 2 days after you push it! Most subscription boxes will make you wait month to month. Amazon describes the box as being full of artisanal treats, and they are right, these are things I most likely would not have found otherwise, and a few I wouldn’t have sampled even if I did find them.

Surprise Sweets 6 Jan 2017

This is a typical delivery box, about the size of a shoe box. First thing I noticed is that it’s very heavy, added bonus when you consider that weight is usually a factor for how much something costs to ship…with prime there’s no additional charge. Let’s get right to it… The first item was found inside the box was…

CB Stuffer Toasted Coconut Peanut Butter Cup

Surprise Sweets 2 Jan 2017

Now, I really was hesitant to try this because I don’t like coconut, but we both agreed to sample everything and give our honest opinion. This thing was great… the chocolate was dark and delicious. we only cut off a piece of the side so we didn’t really get any coconut other than what was on top, which wasn’t a problem for me. It was very heavy and I couldn’t imagine eating more than a bite or two at a sitting. The peanut butter was good but the chocolate was overwhelming, luckily it was really good chocolate. The retail price of this is $5.50

Nutwhats Coconut Cashew Scribble

Surprise Sweets 3 Jan 2017

Another coconut item…another surprisingly amazing treat. The packaging didn’t really say what it was other than Coconut Cashew Scribble. It is actually a peanut brittle…or cashew brittle, and the texture of the brittle made up for any coconut pieces that may have found there way into our chunks. It’s a great looking product, the chunks held together well and if they can make coconut edible, I’m sure their other products are off the charts. This item will cost you $11.00 per bag

Kukuruza S’more Popcorn

Surprise Sweets 4 Jan 2017

This was probably the best popcorn I have ever had. It’s a delicious caramel corn with chocolate drizzles and gram cracker pieces mixed in. The bag was jam packed and airtight, and the product arrived safely despite being packed with heavy items. The caramel on the popcorn wasn’t sticky or greasy (2 things I’ve noticed with caramel corn in the past) and it really was a great treat. A bag of this will cost $4.95

Salt of the earth bakery – The Cookie


Surprise Sweets 1 Jan 2017

The packaging did not denote what flavor ‘The Cookie’ is, but after eating it, it seems like vodka. It really had an astringent alcohol taste, which was unexpected. The texture of the cookie was good, albeit a heavy treat. Our package had 4 cookies in it, so if you like them, you’re in luck. It looked to be a sugar cookie with chocolate chunks, and seasalt on it and the alcohol flavor. While it was my least favorite in the box, it certainly wasn’t bad or inedible, I probably wouldn’t buy them again though. These will cost you $8.00 for a pack of 4.


All in all the Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets box was a homerun. Coming in at $18.00 this box had a combined value of $29.50 with free shipping. When you add the shipping of each of these items into the overall cost, it would most likely double. So, I highly recommend getting a surprise sweets button and giving it a push!

Check out our unboxing and review of our Surprise Sweets Delivery!

Our very first Amazon Prime Sweet Surprise Box featuring… CB Stuffer Peanut Butter Cup, Nutwhats, Salt of the Earth cookies and Kukuruza S’more popcorn


Get your very own here – https://www.amazon.com/b?node=14809330011


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