Who’s your favorite Silicon Valley Character?

Silicon Valley is coming back!

Who’s your favorite character from HBO’s Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley and the Pied Piper team is coming back to HBO in April 2017 – Who’s your favorite character?


06-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortIs it Richard Hendricks?

“Did I put your picture up on the big screen in the auditorium? Yes, but that was to prove a point to my friends that I’m not obsessed with you!” – Richard

02-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortErlich Bachman?

“Let me explain something to you: your whole life you’ve been an ugly chick, but now suddenly you’re a hot chick with big tits and small nipples. So guys like that are gonna keep coming around. Don’t be a slut, Richard.” – Erlich

 08-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortBighead?

“Honestly, not really. I actually remember when they told me I got the AIDS thing, for just a second I thought they were telling me that I had AIDS. But then I realized, no, I was just the president of the AIDS thingy. But for a second it was pretty scary there.” – Bighead

09-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortGilfoyle?

“I mean, come on, Richard. As far as Pied Piper is concerned, he’s as pointless asMass Effect 3′s multiple endings. I mean, he’s a completely useless appendage and we all know it.” – Gilfoyle

03-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortDinesh?

“I half-jokingly said to Gilfoyle last night it looks like Richard’s gonna suck Erlich’s dick. But that would be reasonable compared to this.” – Dinesh

04-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortMonica?

“I smoke a few cigarettes a week! Fine, I’ll ask Laurie for five minutes, but that’s it. And tell Jian-Yang he better bring it.” – Monica

10-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortJared Dunn?

“Well, people do create imaginary friends to meet their emotional needs. When I was little, I used to pretend that I shared a room with Harriet Tubman and we were always planning our big escape.” – Jared

07-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortPeter Gregory? (RIP)

“I don’t even think I could say, “Pied Piper is a proprietary site.” <beat> Well, I just did but it wasn’t easy.” – Peter Gregory

05-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortLaurie Breem?

“Dress unattractively when you tell them. I read a study. The less sexual interest they feel for you, the less perturbing it will be. It sounds strange, but it’s credible. May I suggest the beige ensemble in which you came to work Tuesday?” – Laurie Breem

11-Silicon Valley-Dangeruss-MortOr Jian Yang?

“Erlich Bachman, this is you as an old man. I’m ugly and I’m dead. Alone.” – Jian  Yang

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