Lootcrate March 2017 Primal Theme Review

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal

Lootcrate March 2017 Unboxing and Review

Danger and Mort unbox the Lootcrate March 2017 Primal Themed Crate, and it’s a win!

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 1

So it’s that time again, the mailman came and brought us the newest lootcrate! This one certainly did not disappoint. Lootcrate promised going into this year that there will be bigger, better and more badass items and they have so far held up their end of the bargain!

The very first thing we saw in the box was …

Predator Bottle Opener

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 2

This thing is super cool. It has a great weight to it, it’ll definitely handle the stress of cracking a few open. There are 2 great designs available, this is the one that we got. Not only a useable item, but also a great collectible for any horror/sci-fi fan. This is the kind of item that makes lootcrate worth while.

Primal Rage Overwatch shirt

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 3

This one is a win for sure, it’s great because it’s heather grey instead of the usual black shirts that lootcrate has become so fond of. It’s a nice change of pace and certainly diversifies the wardrobe. Another great feature is that it’s tagless, usually the loot shirts have a slim lootcrate tag on the inside, no more itching! It’s a great design even if you don’t play overwatch, because it has a throwback nostalgia factor for the game primal rage.

The Box – Dinosaur

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 4

While Danger was opening the box and checking out all of the goodies inside Mort was carefully assembling the lootcrate box. This one is definitely unique, when the perforations are ripped and removed it forms a dinosaur. I dig it.

Lootcrate exclusive Wolverine Die Case Metals

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 5 This thing is awesome the EXCLUSIVE wolverine die case metals figure. There are 3 variations and this one seems to be the most standard, figure number m239. It’s very, very heavy. Certainly the ‘big’ item in the box. Its a well made collectible, made out of 100% die cast metal.  It’s awesome as far as main items are concerned, it certainly beats the standard pop vinyl. Has a great paintjob and looks awesome overall.

The Pin

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 6

The pins are always something great to look forward to, and this one is no exception. It’s a clawed smiley face and Danger’s favorite pin since Michael Myers.

Loot Crate Exclusive Metal Jurassic Park Sign

Lootcrate March 2017 Primal 7

Right in line with the primal theme this sign is badass. It’s very high quality and it’s a thick metal sign, this one is getting hung up for sure.

There you have it! The Lootcrate March 2017 unboxing and review. Every single item in this box is a win, which is rare, but hopefully the new standard. Keep up the great job lootcrate. It’s worth noting that we are not pandering, we get no incentive from lootcrate for speaking our opinion, but this truly is a winning crate.

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