Some Horror Memes for a Happy Friday!

Horror Memes

Some of my favorite Horror Memes from the Internet

I love horror movies, so it makes sense that I would love horror memes! Here are a few of some of the best Horror Memes that I could find across the internet, feel free sign up as a contributor to add your own meme or Horror gallery!

01-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Not sure if my house normally makes that sound…or if I am about to be brutally murdered



02-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Gets stoned and loses virginity…at Crystal Lake



03-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
This could be us, but you don’t like horror movies



04-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Oh look she’s running away. I’ll wait til she trips over nothing…bitches always be trippin over nothing



05-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
I don’t know man, sometimes its like… is killing kids even worth it?



06-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Yes that’s right 18 pizzas with anchovies… My name? Uh… Jason over at Camp Crystal Lake



07-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
I gave that bitch a puzzle…Bitches love puzzles



08-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
No matter how fast you run…Michael Myers walks faster



09-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
This could be us, but you won’t let me wear your face



10-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
I don’t always eat ice cream…but when I do it’s Tutti Fuckin’ Frutti



11-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
I don’t always die, but when I do die, I don’t



12-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Cute girl attacked in the kitchen…runs past front door, goes upstairs



13-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
I don’t always put on a smiley face but when I do, it’s someone elses



14-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Cabin in the woods… the only move that shows a unicorn killing people



15-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
So warm bodies is your favorite zombie movie? Tell me more about how you’re a huge horror fan



16-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Several of our friends are dead? We better fuck somewhere private



17-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
I don’t always ch ch ch ch but when I do I ah ah ah ah



19-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
The killer is in the basement? Better go there



20-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Sometimes I wonder if she dreams about me



21-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
Moms be like…my son didn’t do shit



22-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
What women want in a man



23-Horror Meme-Dangeruss-Mort
You spin ma head right round, right round