Contributors Contest

We are going to be running a bi-weekly contest for submissions, Submit a post, promote it and win!


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 Timeline – 3/13 – 3/26

Contest prize –

Random Funko Figure…Clues given throughout the duration, check back for updates and additional prizes

Rules –

  1. Must be 18 and located in the US, we do not ship prizes internationally.
  2. There is absolutely no cost to join or win a prize in the contest, we pay for shipping
  3. Users must register to submit posts
  4. Users can submit as many posts as they want (Views will count on individual posts per contest, not cumulative)
  5. Browse our site and see the type of content that we like to publish
  6. Promote your post to win te contest
  7. Whoever has the highest post views by the deadline
  8. The more submissions, the more prizes
  9. Administrators will review before publishing a submission, must have worthwhile content
  10. Winners will be contacted via registered email address for shipping info
  11. Have fun!
  12. Email and questions or ask for category addition email [email protected]

This is our very first try at this, we have a room full of toys from unboxings as well as video game systems and accessories, we would love to give away all of it and have no problems doing so!

How To –

  1. From home page click Contribute, then sign in or sign up
  2. Click Posts if already signed in
  3. Click Posts on left sidebar then Add New
  4. Enter Title
  5. Fill in Body of article – If using a youtube embedded video just paste the URL (Feel free to submit/promote your own videos!)
  6. Optional – Fill in SEO information to boost your article in search results (Get more views!)
  7. Select Categories and Sub Categories
  8. Click Add Media to upload and insert pictures
  9. Upload a photo to set featured image (MUST include a featured image and it MUST be 1280X720)
  10. Use Featured Image for social media and pinterest images
  11. Email any questions to [email protected]