Big Sweet Land Arcade Candy Pusher Wins

Our Collection of Big Sweet Land Arcade Candy Pusher Wins

We’ve won the candy pusher jackpot on big sweetland countless times, these are the moments captured on film!

Big Sweet land at Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA

Big sweetland is a pretty basic game. It’s a candy pusher game… so you collect the candy with the scoop on a revolving carousel  and drop it onto a platform. There are 24 levels to reach the jackpot to increase in levels you have the hit the Checker with candy. To hit the checker with candy you drop it onto the top platform, and if you’re lucky/good, the candy will push to a lower platform which in turn pushes candy over the edge onto the checker. When the checker is hit, a wheel lights up and you can move forward 1,2,3 levels or straight to the jackpot. The first section of levels is A, I’ve never come up to this machine and see it lower A + 2, when you reach section B plexiglass sides flip up and a fair amount of candy is pushed into the candy chute since it can no longer fall off the sides, when you reach section C the lower pusher extends and the plexiglass sides return, virtually clearing off all of your candy from the platform, you do get to keep the candy that falls into the chute though. The final section is the jackpot where to top prize immediately above the platform you are playing on drops out of a bucket, and in almost all of my cases gets stuck. Seems simple enough… However, I’ve played this game quite a few times and it’s never calibrated the same, it seems like the game can be adjusted in favor of the arcade. Sometimes the arcade simply doesn’t put enough candy in the  machine to actually fill the platform easily and sometimes the scoop violently moves into place dropping most of the candy you collected off into the abyss. However, with perseverance and a loaded game card, you too can win the jackpot.


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