The Beetlejuice Costume Build of 2017 – Adam and Barbara

Beetlejuice Costume Build of 2017

Couples Beetlejuice Costume Build

Our Beetlejuice Costume Build Pics and Info for Halloween ’17

The same question every year… what are you going to do for Halloween? I never know approaching Halloween what I’m going to do specifically, the only thing I know is that i’m going to wait until the last minute and scramble to get it finished. We settled on Beetlejuice costumes since we are both Tim Burton fans… but not the obvious…

Beetlejuice Costume 40


No, we decided on Adam and Barb Maitland, the recently deceased couple from the movie…..

Beetlejuice Costume 37

We had the idea, but no clue as to how we were going to pull this off. As per usual, I somehow left myself with a week left, luckily we work great together and managed to pull it off. Certainly my favorite costume build that I’ve ever been a part of and I couldn’t have asked for someone better to work with. Before the PIC dump, I’ll go over a short list of the materials we used and do my best to describe some of the steps taken along the way.


For the main structures we used upholstery foam and spray adhesive… if you aren’t familiar, spray adhesive is like spray paint in glue form, it is absolutely the best thing to mend 2 pieces of foam together. Spray both parts, let it soak in for 20-30 seconds and hold together until it sticks. The glue joint will be a stronger bond than the foam itself, meaning that the foam itself will rip before tearing at the glue joint. We shaped the masks by cutting and gluing various bits of foam together to get the perfect fit for each of us.

Beetlejuice Costume 02


Beetlejuice Costume 03


Beetlejuice Costume 04


Beetlejuice Costume 05


Beetlejuice Costume 06


Beetlejuice Costume 07


Beetlejuice Costume 08


Beetlejuice Costume 09

Then I covered the masks with paper mache, since upholstery foam is incredibly porous and would soak up any of the paint we put on it.

Beetlejuice Costume 10


Beetlejuice Costume 11


Beetlejuice Costume 12

Onto shaping the Barbara mask…

Beetlejuice Costume 14


Beetlejuice Costume 15


Beetlejuice Costume 16


Beetlejuice Costume 17

Taking a break from Barbara while taking a look at the Adam mask after the paper mache dried…

Beetlejuice Costume 20

Test fit of the Barbara mask… we used floral foam to hand sculpt the tongue and at this point ping pong balls for the eyes (Although the eyes would change later)


Beetlejuice Costume 23

Some paper mache on the barbara mask to give it some structure… Under the tongue I glued a section of chicken wire, this allowed us to form the lower jaw as we wanted and it would maintain it’s shape. We also glued various sections of metal clothes hangers between the upper and lower parts of the mouth to support the top half and keep it open.

Beetlejuice Costume 26

After that, the dash was on to get these things finished… so there are very few pictures. We covered both mask entirely in plastidip, (Some people recommend liquid latex… I find this cheaper, faster, smoother and much better) this gave the foam a skinlike texture and gave us a great surface for painting. For the stretched skin we used spray adhesive and put paper towels on the masks forming them while the spray adhesive was still wet. Then onto the paint job…. We used standard acrylic paint and a variety of brushes, blending colors as needed for the perfect shades.

Beetlejuice Costume 27


Beetlejuice Costume 28


Beetlejuice Costume 29

We purchased a Women’s wig and a short women’s wig, attaching them with spray adhesive.

Beetlejuice Costume 30

We covered Adam’s eye holes in black mesh, it was still see through but did not show my face through the eye holes. It was terribly hot and nearly impossible to see out of.

Beetlejuice Costume 31

We settled on light up rubber balls for the eyes since the ping pong balls were not the right proportion. Barbara’s mouth was covered with the same black mesh.

Beetlejuice Costume 32

And an impromptu photo shoot before the contest… with an actual copy of the handbook for the recently deceased

Beetlejuice Costume 34



Beetlejuice Costume 33

Here are the originals for comparison…

Beetlejuice Costume 38


Beetlejuice Costume 36


Beetlejuice Costume 35


Another Halloween in the books and another Victory, I didn’t know how I was going to top my pyramid head build from last year, but we did it.

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