The Beetlejuice Costume Build of 2017 – Adam and Barbara

Beetlejuice Costume Build of 2017

Couples Beetlejuice Costume Build

Our Beetlejuice Costume Build Pics and Info for Halloween ’17

The same question every year… what are you going to do for Halloween? I never know approaching Halloween what I’m going to do specifically, the only thing I know is that i’m going to wait until the last minute and scramble to get it finished. We settled on Beetlejuice costumes since we are both Tim Burton fans… but not the obvious…

Beetlejuice Costume 40

No, we decided on Adam and Barb Maitland, the recently deceased couple from the movie…..

Beetlejuice Costume 37

We had the idea, but no clue as to how we were going to pull this off. As per usual, I somehow left myself with a week left, luckily we work great together and managed to pull it off. Certainly my favorite costume build that I’ve ever been a part of and I couldn’t have asked for someone better to work with. Before the PIC dump, I’ll go over a short list of the materials we used and do my best to describe some of the steps taken along the way.

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