How many Tiger Handheld Games Did You Have Growing Up?

Tiger Handheld Games

Remember the Tiger handheld games from the 90’s?

Before Furbys, slightly before Pogs, there were Tiger Handheld Games, these guys took 2 AA batteries each and provided me with hours of entertainment when my gameboy wasn’t handy and I wasn’t at home on my NES. How many of these did you have?

Electronic Baseball

04-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Electronic Wrestling
05-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Electronic Pinball
15-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Castlevania 2 – Simon’s Quest20-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

G.I. Joe19-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Electronic Hang On17-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Strider16-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers10-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

The Terminator11-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Double Dragon12-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Mega Man 2SONY DSC

Ninja Gaiden
08-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Hook07-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Street Fighter II06-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Sonic the Hedgehog 203-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Sonic the Hedgehog 318-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort

Batman02-Tiger Handheld-Dangeruss-Mort