Cameraman’s Revenge… The best insect based film you’ve never seen

Cameraman’s Revenge

Cameraman’s Revenge is a stop motion film featuring insects considered to be one of the earliest animated films.

Wladyslaw Sterwicz created Cameraman’s  revenge in 1912. The plot line is actually very deep, and knowing that he had to move the insects and miniature props frame by frame really adds to it.


The plot of the cameraman’s revenge is as intertwined and mature as any film. Mr. Beetle cheats on Mrs. Beetle with a dragonfly stripper, who dances at a local bug stripper club. Throughout he is secretly being filmed through a keyhole at the local bug motel, by his arch enemy Mr. Grasshopper. At the same time Mrs. Beetle is also cheating, with a beetle who happens to be a painter. But…Mr. Beetle catches them and chases painter beetle out of his house. After a brutal domestic argument, he forgives his wife and takes her to the movies. In a twist that probably inspired M Night Shamalayn to make movies, the projectionist is the fucking pervert grasshopper! Who of course plays the movie he recorded through the keyhole of Mr. Bettle and his stripper. This causes a  riot and Mr. and Mrs. Beetle end up in jail for destroying the movie box.