The Best B-Movie You Rented On VHS at Blockbuster – Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness

Truth or Dare A Critical Madness

Do you remember playing Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare A critical madnesss was an amazing film by Tim Ritter. It’s known for it’s continuity errors and mistakes throughout the film. It is however the ultimate horror party movie, a cult classic and quite frankly an amazing film, now it’s available on Blu-Ray. I bought it years ago… 2004ish? from sub rosa retro studios (A copy that has recently gone missing from my collection, FUCK!). Check back in the future for a full review and write up when I aquire another copy, in the meantime….Here’s the trailer if you don’t remember…

and here is the blu-ray and DVD trailer


Pick it up on blu ray from sub rosa studios!

Click on the Picture…

Truth Or Dare