Retro lyft A Charm City Ride that will skyrocket you back to childhood!

Retro Lyft – Not your typical car

While browsing the internet today I came across a posting of a video that showed a tour of a lyft car. After watching it, I realized that it isn’t a typical lyft car, this one is jam packed with retro games! After being fascinated by the video, and being huge gamers ourselves we decided to reach out to Retro Lyft and see if we could get some questions answered, he was more than happy to oblige!

Disclaimer from Retro Lyft (Get this out of the way right away)

First off, LYFT does not allow us to give out our personal phone numbers to customers, its against the terms of service so I never have. I do have a Website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for social networking and showing off.

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Questions and Answers

Q: How long have you been driving for lyft?
A: Just over a year now.

Q: Have you always had this kind of setup while you were with lyft?
A: I added the “Retro Lyft Entertainment Sysytem” about 1 week after starting with Lyft.
I had so much fun driving and was making such good money that I wanted to offer my customers something different.

Q: What has the overall customer response been?
A: People love it! Even if they don’t play it, they love to look through the games, movies and karaoke or just talk about it! How it works, how its setup, etc…

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Q: What kind of car is it?
A: The Retro Lyft is CURRENTLY a 2010 Saturn Astra XR. I am currently car shopping for something a little larger.

Q: What all do you have installed in your car?
A: Other than the Retro Lyft Entertainment System, there is also a small MiniFridge in the rear of the car as well as color changing water speakers that kick in when games are being played. The Sunroof is lined with Lyft Pink Neon EL wire and I am currently installing 2 Go-Pro cameras so I will be able to record passengers playing the games. With their permission of course.

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Q: Did you do all of the installation yourself?
A: Yup!

Q: Can you give us any details on the hardware specs? Or the software specs?
A: Sure can.  The Hardware itself runs on an old Windows XP Netbook.  I orginally set everything up using a Minitower PC, unfortunately…. The Computer/Monitor/Everything else was sucking up more power than my car’s battery/alternator could create and I wound up unable to start my car while sitting outside of a Train Station! LOL.  A few days…And a Larger Battery/Alternator later… I decided the netbook would just be a better fit and definitely used a lot less power. The software side gets way more fun.  The system uses different emulators for each gaming system and is all organized using a copy of Maximus Arcade that I HIGHLY modified to fit my setup. It’s an amazingly good front end, I just wanted it to do a lot more.

(I can personally attest to the fact that maximus arcade is hands down the best windows arcade front end)

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Q: Do people ever have you continue around the block so they can finish their game?
A: Every. Single. Week. I have had people pay me to drive around their block. I’ve had people change their destinations so they had more time to play.  And ONCE, I had 3 guys pay me to just drive around downtown while they played and showed off on SnapChat.  We drove around downtown Baltimore for over 3 hours!

Q: Anything else you would want people to know?
A: “Make America 8 Bit Again.”

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There you have it, check out the video tour below and don’t forget we can all do our part to …retro lyft 40