You ‘member this? Retro Candy from the 90’s

Retro Candy from the 90’s

See if you can remember this candy.. I checked to see which ones they still make and which ones have a suitable replacement.

Canada Mints

This candy was a staple at everyones grandparents house and luckily you can still get them on amazon… prime even! They came in three flavors…


Get them Here


Get them Here

Wintergreen (Pepto-Bismol)

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Although not a candy, this VHS style bubble gum came with awesome packaging, parodying famous movies of the time.

Tongue Splashers

Tongue splashers was a bubblegum ball that would paint your tongue whatever color the gumball was.

While you can no longer buy tongue splashers they do make a replacement which you can get here

Tear Jerkers Gumballs

Tear Jerkers was an extra sour gumball similar to cry babies. They aren’t manufactured anymore but the Dubble Bubble makes crybaby gumballs, a very similar product.

Get them Here

Tart N Tinys

Tart n tinys candy were small sour candies similar to the texture of smarties.

You can still get them here

Squeeze Pop

The squeeze pop was a syrupy type of candy, like a melted lollipop. Very sticky and thick, I remember them tasting very artificial. They are no longer manufactured but Slush Puppy makes a very similar product.

Get them Here

Sound Bites

Sounds bites were cool, basically you would bite down on the lollipop and push the button, then the magic would happen. The sound from the handle would travel through your teeth immersing your earbuds in short guitar riffs. Sadly these are no longer made, and there is no current replacement.

Slimer Tube Bubble Gum

loved this stuff. Slimer bubble gum was basically a squeeze-able bubble gum and it was neon green. As a ghostbuster fanatic, my elementary school self needed tubes and tubes of this stuff. Its not made with the Ghostbuster packaging or neon green, but there is a similar replacement.

Get it Here

Slime Slurps

These things were fantastic. I remember slime slurps tasting great. They were basically gummies shaped like insects, they were a bit on the tougher side of the gummy spectrum but the flavor was killer. They are no longer made but here’s a link to a 5lb gummy bear

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones was awesome, they were kinda like sweet tarts. I remember collecting the coffins to put whatever random things a kid has, probably change. The candies would also fit together to make a skeleton, I’m pretty sure no package ever had enough bones to complete a skeleton. There are candy bones still made, but it’s not quite the same.

Get them here

Floppy Disk Gum

This was bubble gum disguised as a 3.5″ floppy disc and parodied games of the time. It was regular 90’s bubble gum, nothing special. There is absolutely no way they make these anymore.

Melody Pops

Ever wonder if your parents regretted anything while raising you? I guarantee if they  bought you melody pops they had at least one. The shrill, high pitched whine of these lollipops is embedded in my skull from when I was a kid. They still make them!

Get yours Here

Lifesaver Holes

This candy was awesome. As a kid I actually thought that the holes were leftover from when they made lifesavers, as a dumb kid I tried to put the holes back in, they never fit. They were however awesome, lifesaver flavors that were about the size of an altoid. They don’t make them anymore.

Lifesaver Pops

Lifesaver tried a bunch of stuff in the 90s, and unfortunately lifesaver pops, their candy lollipop lifesaver counterpart didn’t last, but the memories did. The closest I could find were Saf-T Pops.

Get them here

Super Gumputer

The supergumputer was another gimmick from the 90’s. It was an electronic gum dispenser that had little tiny gumballs in it.

Bubble Gum CD Player

The packaging is the real gimmick here, it was a compact disc player, similar to a sony discman, but it was full of gumballs. No chance of finding these anymore.

Gum Juice Boxes

These things were great. The gum juice boxes basically had tiny shards of gum in them that tasted like the flavor on the packaging. These are also sadly unavailable.

Gum Cigars

Bubble gum cigars were a staple at the gas station. The gum was different flavors and there was a lot of it in one cigar. Luckily they still make these!

Get them here

Compact Disc Bubble Gum

This was bubble gum very similar to the other novelties. It was gum in a cd case, in the shape of a cd. They haven’t made these for a while, but as of the time of this writing I found one on amazon. Get it fast.

Get one here

Bubble Gum Gameboy

These were pretty cool, it was a gum container with sticks of gum in it and trading cards. They came with trading cards. No way you can still get these but you could always get an original gameboy.


Dweebs were candy coated on the outside, gummy in the middle. Made by Willy wonka candy company they were marketed as the cousin of the nerd. They also made a Nerds bumpy gummy more recently that was similar but I can’t find them anywhere.

Cry Baby Tears

These were super sour little candy pieces. They were similar to sweet tarts but much more sour. They do still make these.

Get them Here

Bubble Gum Cigarettes

I remember these, they were bubble gum sticks wrapped in paper, that were the size and shape of a cigarette. The best thing was that they were coated in powdered sugar that looked like smoke when you blew through it, don’t breath in though. They still make these.

Get them here

Candy Cigarettes

Much like the bubble gum cigarettes, the candy cigarettes were in a cigarette pack with little chalky candies that had a pink spot on the end as if it were lit. They still make these.

Get them here

Candy Watch

The candy watch was very similar to the candy necklace. Little tiny pieces of crunchy candy on an elastic band. The difference is that these had a huge watch face on them. I am absolutely amazed that they still make these.

Get them here

Candy Lipstick

The same type of candy as the watch and any other compressed sugar confection, these were in a resealable tube for easy transport although they usually only lasted 2-3 bites. They do still make these, although they are slightly different

Get them here

Candy Fruits

These were great, plastic fruits filled with a powder of their corresponding flavor. Very similar to pixie sticks except you could reseal these and carry them around. They surprisingly still make these.

Get them Here

Bubble Jug

Powereded gum in a jug, that’s what this was. The thing to remember about this is that it would revert back to it’s powdered state (or at the least get really gritty) after minutes of chewing it. These things are long gone and I couldn’t find a replacement.

Ouch Bubble Gum

Ouch bubble gum was shaped like band-aids and came in a tin very similar to what band-aids actually came in. If that isn’t appetizing I don’t know what is. They don’t make them but I did find some Ouch! Sock

Bubble Beeper

Very similar to the ouch gum, these sticks of gum came in a beeper. Of course, they don’t make these anymore.


Brach’s Rocks

These may have been my favorite from the 90’s. They were hard jelly beans that were colored like rocks with a gummy center. I love these. They do make a product very similar to these, although I find the flavor of the new ones better.

Get them Here

Bubble Boom Box

This was a lot like the Bubble Gum CD Player. It was a boom box filled with gumballs, they dont make these anymore.

Big League Chew

Big league chew was a gum that resembled chewing tobacco. It was shredded and came in a variety of flavors. They still make a few flavors.

Get it here

Astro Pops

These were rocket ship flavored lollipops with a flavorless wax at the bottom, the wax was gross, don’t eat it. They still do make these, but they are jumbo (7″ long) and about 2 bucks a piece.

Get them here

Alien Pops

Everyone remembers seeing the giant alien head store display full of these lollipops. They were amazing, and came in assorted flavors. They don’t make them anymore but they were very similar in consistency to chupa chups, which you can get here.

Chocolate Cigarettes

I have never seen these before, but in my research they came up quite a bit. I remember every piece of candy in this list, except these. That being said, they made chocolate cigarettes, who knew? They still make these.

Get them here

So there you have it, a list of candy from the 90’s, how many do you remember?