Our first ever Bocandy Box unboxing!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is our first ever Bocandy box unboxing. We received the sample box to try it out, and we were not disappointed…with the exception of one item, but that’s not their fault that companies make gross candy. Read below the video for a review!

Bocandy Box

This was our very first Bocandy box, I ordered the sample size box to try something new for Danger’s Birthday. We were not disappointed.

Bocandy Sample Box
Bocandy Sample Box

For 9.99 it was an exceptional value, which provided us with lots of treats and lots of laughs.

The first item I want to talk about is the Thomas the Tank Engine Taffy. This was an interesting item, ours was grape flavored and it was described by Danger as tasting like grape big league chew.

Thomas The Tank Engine Chews
Thomas the Tank Engine Chews

However, it was not only the flavor that reminded us of big league chew… It was packaged like chewing gum is in the USA. The package contained 5 sticks of grape flavored taffy, individually wrapped much like Fruit stripe gum or juicy fruit (or any other stick type gum). So we weren’t quite sure what to expect, we didn’t know if it would dissolve like taffy or to chew it like gum… it took a while to dissolve but it did. The unique thing about this, besides the fact that it is Thomas branded, was that each of the 5 included sticks had a unique character on it, something we point out in the video. It was a great tasting item, although it left a little bit of an aftertaste in my mouth.


The next item I want to mention is the Carlos V chocolate bar. It is a nestle item, so we knew it would be a quality chocolate bar, and we were not disappointed. It is a very heavy bar, very solid and it had a great flavor.

Carlos V Chocolate Bar
Carlos V Chocolate Bar

Upon further research, I discovered that Carlos V was a Holy Roman Emperor who introduced chocolate to the European courts. The marketing slogan is “The king of chocolates” and nestle refers to it as the king of bars in Mexico. It certainly is the king of bars, there’s no doubt about that. It is not as good as boutique chocolate bars that I have had, but if you’re a fan of nestle, this bar offers serious bang for your buck.

The next item is a pack of strawberry flavored candy whistles. I recall having a very similar candy as a kid. Great taste, a bit crumbly and certainly loud.

Strawberry Candy Whistles
Strawberry Candy Whistles

The main difference is that the candy whistles that I enjoyed as a kid did not come with a pterodactyl. Really… the small box in the bottom of the package contained a small plastic dinosaur which just added to the surprise of the Bocandy box. I would also like to point out, as I did in the video, the pterodactyl is the perfect accompaniment  to the whistles, because they make a  sound similar to what I imagine a pterodactyl would sound like. Excellent product!


The next item in the box both confused and saddened me. It is a lollipop with a dipping powder, that emitted a strong smell of chili peppers.  I will preface by saying that I am not a fan of the taste of cucumber, and this is cucumber flavored.

Cucumber and Chili Candy
Cucumber and Chili Candy

The part that confused me was that it was spicy powder. It smelled and tasted like chinese 5 spice, or straight chili powder, it was hard to tell. It also seemed to have a granular aspect, almost like sugar. The powder was so strong and spicy, that it (un)fortunately(?) covered up the taste of cucumber. I couldn’t taste anything but burning and sadness. Because this was a lollipop, Danger didn’t have to try it, he did however try the powder on its own and gagged for a solid 5 minutes. I could not have tasted the lollipop on its own if I wanted to anyway, because when we opened it the powder was embedded to the candy. It may be my sense of taste and not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the product, but I didn’t like this one. This was the first and only disappointment of the box.


The next item is something that we’ve tried before… not this exact flavor, but the same product. It’s Ju-C (Juicy) candy from Japan, and the previous flavor we tried was exceptional… This one, not so much.

Ju-C Japanese Cider Candy
Ju-C Japanese Cider Candy

The packaging said Cider flavored, and I’ve never had cider that tasted like this. The candy itself is great, almost like a giant smarty, but a bit more solid. The candy comes in a plastic tube with a series of candy discs. I wasn’t necessarily disappointing by this as much as I was surprised and confused by the flavor. I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I tasted wasn’t it. It wasn’t bad, just caught me off guard.

The next item was exceptional, I really liked these. It is a soda flavored hard candy, and there is a whole bag of them in assorted flavors. Throughout the course of the unboxing I ate a handfull of them to try the different flavors.

Soda Candy
Soda Candy – Assorted Flavors

The candy itself looks like a small version of a lollipop without a stick. They are small hard candies and they are very shiny, almost pearl-like. The flavors that I tried during the unboxing were Cola, watermelon, grape and pineapple. All of them were great, except the pineapple caught me off guard. It possibly could be attributed to my simplified palate because I’m not used to pineapple candy, but it is worth mentioning that as a chef i’ve sampled and enjoyed some strange food items. All in all, this product is a winner.


Ah, save the best for last. The Curly Wurly bar from Cadbury. This was hands down the best item in the box. It is a caramel lace candy bar covered in delicious milk chocolate.

Curly Wurly Caramel Bar
Curly Wurly Caramel Bar

The caramel is rich, but not sticky, and the chocolate is exactly what I would expect from Cadbury…fantastic. The caramel holds it’s shape, unlike a Cadbury caramel egg, so it takes a bit longer to chew, which is great because it allows you to enjoy it longer. The chocolate coating not only prevents the caramel from being sticky, but it also adds a nice subtle crunch to the candy. This was my absolute favorite item in the box and a truly delicious candy bar.


My overall thoughts on the Bocandy box are that it is a fantastic value for the price. Not only does the value of the candy exceed the price of the box, but they are all items that I cannot easily get within the US, and of course the surprise factor of the box is intangible. When we received the box it was very heavy for it’s size, so we knew we were in for a treat… or multiple treats as it were. Due to our other unboxings that we are subscribed to (munchpak, lootcrate and horrorblock) there is little time to regularly subscribe to more boxes, but if there is to be a next one, it will certainly be Bocandy. I hope the Bocandy team keeps up the good work!


Get your very own (Here) , the sample box is nice if you want to try it, but for the value it’s probably worth it to get a larger box.


Stay tuned for our next unboxing and review!