October 2016 HorrorBlock unboxing and Review!

October 2016 Horrorblock review and unboxing!


From: Horrorblock.com
From: Horrorblock.com
Got head?
Got head? – Our unboxing companion!

This Horror Block was exceptional.

It is essentially their halloween block, which inspired me to make a ‘They Live’ themed introduction in the video. (Also watching Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies featuring Rowdy Roddy Piper) One thing of note is that the box is different this month, it’s bigger, it has a much more elaborate design on the inside and out. There’s a nice weight to this box (We find out later why) In case you can’t or haven’t seen the video above yet, here’s a brief rundown of the items.

The very first item we noticed in the box is usually the t-shirt, because they almost always pack it directly on top. This Shirt resonated especially well with Danger. Halloween is his favorite film of all time and in the 2 years or so that he’s been receiving horrorblock this is the first Halloween/Michael Myers themed T-Shirt.


Michael Myers Haddonfield High Track Team Shirt
Michael Myers Haddonfield High Track Team Shirt

The shirt is from Shirtpunch.com, one of nerdblock/horrorblock’s sister companies. It is exceptional quality, very well made and the screen printing is on point. The haddonfield High Horror Track Team shirt is of course from Haddonfield, where Michael Myers terrorized the community. The clever catch phrase ‘Run for your life’ is emblazoned on top of the crest.


The second item we pulled out of the box is a OUIJA pointer money clip, licensed by Hasbro. Very nice build quality, if you can find a use for a money clip. It is a neat novelty item, but maybe it isn’t very practical.

Ouija Pointer Money Clip
Ouija Pointer Money Clip

It is a very intricate design and is made of a heavier metal. Although the beautiful OUIJA pattern on the card makes it more of a collector toy than a usable product.


The third item is a Demonic Toys DVD. Shame that it isn’t a blu-ray, but for the price of the subscription and the quality of all of the other items, I can understand why. It’s not completely uncommon for horrorblock to include dvd’s, but they are usually cheap compilations and not individual feature films.

Demonic Toys DVD

This is a fantastic film if you’re a horror buff. It is certainly one of Full Moon entertainment’s classics (Same production company as the puppet master series) I love the film, and the production quality is pretty good for being an older movie.

And now for the elephant in the room… The walking dead journal. These featured different characters depending on how your box was packed at the warehouse, I’ve seen photos of Glen and Rick as well. This journal features Michonne.

Walking Dead Journal
Walking Dead Journal

To say I’ve fallen off the Walking Dead bandwagon would be an understatement. I was a huge fan of the show, but as the seasons got progressively more cheesy, I have no interest. There were a few seasons that I fought through that were just plain boring, and with the ‘twists’ last season with certain character deaths, it just seems like they are trying to hard. THAT being said… the journal was disappointing for another reason, while it is a nicely made journal, this was a replacement item. Apparently the Canadian boxes included a Freddy Krueger flask that would not pass through customs. So this is the American replacement item. I love Freddy Krueger, so it was a let down.

Next up we have the Dexter syringe Pen. This was a cool item, the red liquid inside resembles blood and it does move with the motion of the pen. I guess it’s a good accompaniment to the journal….

Dexter Syringe Pen

I’m personally not a fan of the show Dexter. Not that I dislike it, I just haven’t seen it. That being said… Danger was ecstatic about this item. He’s a huge fan of dexter and now he can write about zombies and shit in his Walking Dead journal with it.


The next item sort of got glossed over in the video, and with good reason, which you’ll find out soon (depending on how fast you can read) This is a staple in the horrorblocks, Rue Morgue magazine.

October Issue of Rue Morgue
October Issue of Rue Morgue

This magazine is basically a Canadian version of Fangoria. It talks about horror news, reviews and films. A very high quality magazine with a cover price that is roughly half the price of the box subscription. This item certainly puts the value over the top.


Finally… The reason that the Rue Morgue magazine was glossed over is because THIS was under it…

Doug Bradley ... Pinhead Autograph
Doug Bradley … Pinhead Autograph

That’s right ladies and gentleman… an actual Doug Bradley (as pinhead from hellraiser) autograph. Complete with a certificate of authenticity. HorrorBlock occasionally includes autographs, and when they do, they are usually classics. Pinhead is easily included in the top 5 most recognizable horror characters, and the hellraiser series is incredible.

Now for a gift… First come, first served with the coupon codes.

10.00 Shirtpunch Credit, first come, first served!
10.00 Shirtpunch Credit, first come, first served! www.shirtpunch.com
10.00 HorrorBlock Credit, first come, first served!
10.00 HorrorBlock Credit, first come, first served! www.nerdblock.com

All in all, it is an incredible box this month. If this was our first horrorblock we certainly would have become subscribers. The only (Slight) disappointment in this box was the walking dead journal, but that’s US Customs’ fault, not Horrorblock. Anyway, check out the video when you get a chance, we’ve been working hard to increase the production with every video we make. It’s a tedious process, but worth it to turn out quality videos for people to enjoy.