17 Horror movie Posters and prints you need in your collection

17 Horror Movie Posters and Prints you need on your walls!

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Our collection of must have Horror Movie Posters and Prints

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1.Dawn of the dead… This Romero classic is one of the best zombie films ever made and the artwork is unforgettable!

2. Friday the 13th… The original…the artwork on this poster perfectly matches the dark and chilling tale at crystal lake.

3. Villains playing poker… This poster includes all of the classics…Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Ghostface and of course Freddy kreuger!

4. Jaws… This classic film has terrified countless beach goers and the artwork is unrivaled.

5. Bride of frankenstein print… This orginal watercolor styled artwork is sure to look great on any horror fans wall!

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6. Nightmare on Elm Street… This poster perfectly captures the film in all of it’s glory.

7. Army of Darkness… This is a classic poster is for the sequel to Evil Dead

8. House on Haunted Hill… This poster is from the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price

9. Halloween… This John Carpenter Classic has one of the most iconic horror movie posters of all time.

10. The invisible man… based on an HG Wells novel, the invisible man has an amazing poster.

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11. Horror of Dracula… Beautifully done in a black and white newspaper print style

12. Bride of Frankenstein… This poster is amazing, plain and simple.

13. American Horror story… This poster covers multiple seasons and topics of American Horror story, featuring some of the most iconic characters.

14. The Exorcist… Unforgettable, this poster is an icon as far as horror movie posters go

15. The Shining… This poster shows all of the highlights of the movie in different quadrants, see if you can spot all of the subtleties

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16. Amazing print of the creature… this one is one of my favorites on the list

17. Bride of Frankenstein… This horror movie poster is of course a classic.


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